The Signature

The Signature


The Signature Line, a gift of gratitude, is meant to be given as a gift to someone who has made a personal impact on your life.

This necklace is a symbol of celebration and there is a unique, personal meaning for every woman wearing it.

The Design…

Natural Mother of Pearl – represents love for your truest self, each piece is completely unique from any other

Bulb shaped Charm – Sterling Silver, each charm is hand brushed and represents light shining from within

Saturn Chain – this original, extremely popular chain design comes in 2 lengths 15”-17” (Gold, Silver) and 36”- 38” in Gold.

Framed in either 24K Gold plating or 925 Sterling Silver

When you wear One Woman Rising you are inviting others to connect… open to the question what are you celebrating?

One Woman Rising is centered around celebrating each other and creating community through connection.

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